Zooey loves shoes

The shoes from Paris usually left me overly excited to go spend money I don’t have. This year a lot of them left me disappointed, designers I usually die over bored me a little. Some however did stand out.









Sarah Burton had a lot to live up to after the loss of Alexander McQueen. I was very impressed with her, her living up to the brand’s style, and making it her own beautifully.









The clothes from Miu Miu left me kind of unimpressed, as they did last year. I find them unflattering. The accessories however, never miss a beat!










To go with the fabulously mix printed, colorful (even the black and white looked colorful), orgasm of  asymmetry clothes at the Dries Van Noten show, they gave me the same with the shoes. Thank you.










The classic burlesque lover in me died for the shoes at Louis Vuitton. How I want to wear the mary-janes with everything I own except the pencil skirts (too obvious).


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