Zooey loves Grammys

This is completely unflattering, on someone else I would love the dress, just not on Snookie.

Not age appropriate, ugly, and trashy

Katy Perry needs to learn the difference between looking edgy, and looking like a crazy person. STOP WEARING COSTUMES EVERYWHERE!

Being 11 makes you androgynous enough.

I know you're Nicki Minaj, it's the Grammy's and you should have fun, and I love you for it, but too much, just too much.

My favorite, always.

Don't usually love J-Lo, but she knocked this one out of the park. You look amazing!

Katy Perry, this is how you pull of an "angelic" look.

More traditional, less edgy, but still fierce.

Elegant Bohemian, don't know how else to describe this, just like it.


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